Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy.
  • The Client has the right to cancel the project/service within 3 days (72 hrs) of purchase. After 3 days (72 hrs), no request for a refund will be entertained.
  • We can happily raise a 100% Refund of the Paid Amount If the Client Claim to Cancel the Project/Service within 3 days (72 hrs) Of Payment.
  • No Payment Will Refunded after 3 days (72 hrs) of making the payment or Once We Move into the Development Phase of the Project/Service.
  • If you choose to terminate our services after the initial 3 days then you will be charged an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project.
SEO Related Work Refund Policy

Lionorigin will not be liable for refund or guarantee of top search ranking under the following circumstances:

  • In the case of effect on SEO ranking due to changes in ranking algorithm, policies or functionality of search engines.
  • Link building, a part of SEO, is carried out based on the information you provide us. In case the URLs given by you are incorrect, we will not be responsible for any subsequent errors and there will not be any refunds or money-back guarantee.
  • Lionorigin will not be responsible for SEO results if the client engages with any other third-party SEO services and make any changes in websites.
  • The number of times and rank of a website appearing on the search list varies and thus an immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed.
  • 48 hours past your due date, you will get a warning letter/Email. If we don’t receive a payment within the next 2 days then you will be penalized $10 per day. After 7 days your service/project will be stopped and we will take legal action as per the law and registered complaint on World Wide Online complaint platforms.
  • We don’t have any refund policy for Advertisement (Mediakit)/ Review and Promotion.
  • No refunds will be entertained after placing the order for Advertisement (Mediakit)/ Review and Promotion.
  • You agree that once you complete a payment, you will not file or raise any dispute or chargeback against us for any reason.
  • After a deposit has been completed, there is no way to reverse it.
Guest Post & Paid links

We don’t have any refund policy for Guest Post and Paid Link.

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