Everything You Need to Know About Elegant Themes

Everything You Need to Know About Elegant Themes

Are you a tech lover? Do you have an interest in learning more about WordPress themes? Today we are going to talk about the most popular elegant theme review that was developed and founded by Nick Roach in 2008. The themes are headquartered in San Francisco and along with that company provides 87 other gorgeous WordPress themes with four premium themes.

This best fastest theme for WordPress is almost used by more than 200,000 customers. This theme is popular because it has a feature to customize your WordPress site according to your needs. Without coding, it can make your site more unique and amazing. In this guide, we talk more about the important features, pricing, and other functionalities it has.

Elegant Themes Plans & Pricing

Before going further, we want to talk about the pricing of the Elegant Theme review. This theme is available in three different packages. The first one is the personal plan, the developer plan, and the lifetime access plan. Here is a brief discussion about what you will receive in each plan and in which price range.

The basic or personal plan is the simplest one that anyone can pick in the affordable range by paying $39 per year. This is the least expensive and best fastest theme for a WordPress plan, but if you have a good budget, you can move to further plans. Well, the basic plan also allows you to get complete access to all themes, and updates with premium technical support. In this plan, you will get access to the Divi, Bloom, Extra, and Monarch, along with hundreds of other website packs.

Now when it comes to developer plans, it is a mid-range pricing structure. This is the most popular plan for developers that needs only costs $89 per year. In this plan, you will get complete access to all plugins and layered Photoshop files. 

The last plan is the lifetime access plan, which is the most comprehensive plan that doesn’t need to pay the monthly charge. You need to pay a one-time payment of $249 yearly, and that’s it. In this plan, you will get all themes and plugins, premium technical support, as well any themes developed in the future for your entire life. For more information, check the below table and try to understand this more deeply.

No matter which plans you choose to go with, you can claim a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied being an Elegant Theme review club member. 

Elegant Theme Highlights:

When it comes to picking a favorite, you must choose an Elegant Theme review. The theme includes thousands of designs. Every theme has different strengths and weaknesses. Here is a closer look at the popular themes that come under this. 

The Best Overall Themes: If you are someone who wants a versatile and flexible option along with endless customization options, they can try this one.

1. Divi:

This is the latest theme from Elegant Themes, and it is just amazing. This is the smartest and most flexible theme of the entire collection. Divi includes powerful design features that give you total control over the design of your site. Divi first launched in 2013 and got success in a very short amount of time. With this, you can create any type of website you want. With this, you can start a WordPress blog, launch an eCommerce shop and manage an online business too.

This is a highly versatile theme. In fact, the Divi theme review is one of the best multipurpose themes in the market to date. Divi Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows building a website without having any technical knowledge. You can also make your own layouts by just dragging and dropping the elements and columns.

It has 46 content modules, including a number counter, call to action button, image, testimonial, video slider, and so much more. You can choose the right content according to your need and then change or customize the color, theme, font, size, position, and more. The best thing is about Divi theme review; you can make your site unique from every other website on the internet.

Here’s more of what you get with the Divi theme:

Engage the user and improve the interactive experience by using the hover effect

To add depth to your site, Drop text and shadows

customize a unique color scheme with a magic color manager

speed up page building by using the bulk page building functionality

Create seamless transitions between the blocks of content

Get a range of options on web fonts and font styles

100% mobile-friendly and responsive

Tailor-made borders with a range of shapes, sizes, and styles

2. Chameleon:

This theme is incredibly versatile and best fastest theme for WordPress perfectly goes with your requirements. It has endless options of pattern and color combinations and brings a revolution to a WordPress site. Along with the versatility, it also brings elegant simplicity, which makes this theme professional. This theme also boasts page layouts, responsive design, and shortcodes. You can make your site more responsive and wonderful by increasing the reachability with the Chameleon theme.

3. Fable:

Are you a blogger? Do you want to update regular blogs like us? This is the best theme for bloggers. This theme gives equal weight to image and word. After all, blogging is the art, and to make this more interactive, and reachable you need to narrate it with engaging visual narratives. It is incredibly amazing and allows to give the best experience to the users by providing them with easy reading. This is designed in long-format full-width style. It also boasts responsive layouts so that your site can ft with every screen size. The best thing about the theme is you can create complex designs without the hassle of learning codes. Overall this theme is simple, professional, and affordable for long-time professional bloggers.

4. Flexible:

This is considered the best theme for photographers. If you are a photographer and you want to reach your work to a different society and location through the site, choose this theme. The theme has something that attracts the viewer’s attention. This theme is loaded with rich media display options as well as visually driven layouts. The theme is completely responsive for all screen size types and crucial for every photography-related site. It comes fully equipped with powerful features that match the specific needs. The gallery of this theme is loaded with the multi-media Ajax-powered gallery.

5. Origin:

Origin is a grid-based theme that has powerful narrative properties. As a photographer, you can try this theme and convey your stories through images and photos. This theme is perfect for artists who want to show off their work in a portfolio. This also works for long-time bloggers because of its attractive and easy navigating features. This is purely responsive has different layouts that are triggered by the CSS media queries. 

5. Lucid:

This is referred to as the best theme for businesses. When it comes to developing a business site, you need a layout that is sleek, professional, and easily navigable. Are you in search of this kind of theme? If yes, here your search ends. This is one kind of sleek and modern magazine theme along with the grid-based organization theme. It makes your content elegant and makes this readable.

6. Foxy:

Foxy is another best fastest theme for a WordPress theme that is specially designed for businesses. This theme is designed with some strong functionality and structure. The best perk about this theme is it brings a visual appeal. This theme comes to the market loaded with so many functions like responsive design, user-friendly ePanel, easy navigation, flexible page layouts, and shortcodes.

7. Monarch: 

Monarch is a social media sharing plugin that allows you to share the social media buttons to five places on your site. With the help of this plugin, a user can easily implement the social media buttons in the site, including Floating sidebar, Above/below content, On images/video content, As an automatic popup, and fly-in. Here you can customize the shape and size of buttons and also add so many effects. Thi plugin offers options for three-button shapes, five sidebars hover effects, and four inline buttons hover effects. You can also pick the icon according to your choice. Along with that, it gives complete power to change the native colors. To access this plugin, you will get complete access to an intuitive dashboard that lets you manage everything. It gives you real-time statistics regarding the shares, likes, and followers. 

What features will you get from this?

  • Customize the settings options as per your site need
  • choose a time delay for your fly-ins and popups
  • Detect when readers reach the bottom of your post
  • It also displays a form after someone leaves a comment on your site. 
  • When someone is inactive on your site for too long, send a notification to open the site.
  • Give updates on future products and display promotions for people on the checkout page.

1. Bloom: 

This is another email opt-in plugin that helps to connect with the target audience long after they leave your website. Through this, you can let your subscribers know about upcoming sales in your online store. Along with that, it also sends notifications when anything new is happened like whenever a new product is added or else. Once you activate the Bloom plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll be able to create stunning opt-in forms in the form of Popup, Fly-in, Below content, Widget, Inline form, Widget, and Required opt-in. Do you know what the best bloom is? It integrates with 19 email marketing service providers, including MailerLite, GetResponse, ConvertKit, etc. It helps to create an opt-in form from scratch and many more.

2. Divi Builder:

Do you know what is the specialty of this theme? The Divi Builder plugin comes into both Divi and Extra themes. This theme works as a standalone plugin Monarch and Bloom. The best thing is you don’t need to be an expert in coding for using this plugin. This plugin comes with a drag and drops visual editor that allows you to edit the site yourself. It contains more than 40 content modules, including the CTA button, pricing table, and more. With this, you can improve your page-building efforts. Divi Builder comes with so many features, including Built-in split testing of different pages, Unlimited redos, and updos, Saving the files into libraries, and the Addition of custom CSS. This plugin comes with plenty of settings and allows customizing them to match your brand and your vision. You can adjust so many factors, including colors, animation effects, font styles, and more. By using this feature, you can ensure that your site should look wonderful before clicking ‘Publish.’ Divi Builder also comes with powerful new theme-building features. This plugin also offers support and maintenance to their customer. They give proper updates and support to their customer. 

3. Extra Theme:

The extra theme, was launched after the Divi release. This is one of the popular themes of the Elegant theme. Its mainly popular as the magazine theme, which is fully loaded with the Divi Builder plugin. It helps to create a site that is worth reading by the users. With Extra, you have access to a built-in review system, which is perfect for gathering your site visitors’ reactions to your content. This theme has already received so many positive reviews. Along with the other features, it boosts engagement on your website. It gives a better user experience. Extra makes it easy to create an engaging website that is filled with so many contents and media features. This theme is specially designed for online publications and bloggers. By using this theme, you can create a feed of blog posts and then divide them or classify them into the most recent, highest rated, as well as most popular.

What is good about the Elegant Themes? 

1. Numerous Choices: 

The best thing about the Elegant theme review is it is vast and allows you to choose a theme from a lot of options. The theme contains different plugins and theme builders that suit every possible need. No matter which kind of site you are going to build, from blogs to business sites and to the eCommerce sites, it can go well with every kind of blog type. The team of Elegant theme is developing new features, so there are more options to choose from every day.

2. Affordable: 

Another attractive fact about this elegant theme review is it is affordable for every plan. It has three plans, and you can pick anyone according to your budget. You can pick the $89 per month plan, where you have to pay $1 per theme.

3. Regular updates: 

Elegant Themes updates regularly to give their customer a real surprise. They surprise people every time by developing something new. The team also offers technical support to people who need it. Most people end up using pre-designed themes as the base of their design because they don’t have an idea about the codings. By asking the team, you can alter the code and tailor the design specifically to your needs. They also update you with necessary updates, and that’s why becoming one of the best themes of WordPress.

4. Ease of use:  

Elegant Themes is easy to use because you don’t need to learn to code for this. The whole game is just drag and drop, even if you’re a newbie. Elegant Themes are also compatible with all major Internet browsers. So, what you are thinking about is building your site with this and attracting users.

What is Not-So-Good about Elegant themes?

  1. Coding issues:  There are some issues with the code only. If you are worried about coding issues, it is probably better to stick with some of the older themes. The team is continuously improving its strategies and trying to fix bugs. 
  2. ePanel: ePanel is popular as the customization dashboard. Definitely, it is user-friendly and easy to use, but it could have been a lot more. 

Well, everything has some pros and cons, and so it has. So, overall if your neglect these small issues and cons of Elegant theme review, you will definitely experience the good features that it offers to its users over the years.

Is It Still Worth The Money?

Nowadays, it is really tough to find high-quality, original WordPress themes that too at an affordable price. If you think you have already found one, then don’t lose this chance. Elegant theme is a kind of WordPress theme that holds so many features and plugins inside this to help your site visibility. They offer a few exceptional premium themes, which are designed to help website owners.

To make the site beautiful, you need to generate a good theme that can attract people. It is also good to choose the Elegant theme in place of any other because of so many features that we will discuss in the further section. Elegant theme review offers themes like Divi, Extra, and so many that to an unbelievable price range. They are designed to give a fresh look to any site, no matter whether it’s an eCommerce site or a common blog site. The Elegant theme review is available at just a minimum price. Here are a few reasons why you should go with this:

600,000 people are already using and sharing their happy moments

For $80, you can get 100% access to using their stunning themes.

Stunning design, great features, and experienced customer support team

Elegant Theme Feature- Overview

Just like any other theme, it also comes with so many features and functionalities. Here are a few elegant theme features that are:

1. General Settings: 

In the general setting option, you can customize the basic schemes starting from Changing color and typography to controlling the site layout. Here you can also customize social media icons, featured articles, and more. On the admin page, you can get access to change so many things.

2. Navigation Settings: 

The navigation setting is extremely easy and needs zero time to perform. You just need to follow the drag and drop option. Set up and configure dropdown menus and links, and so on.

3. Builder Settings:

You can enable and disable the Divi Builder at any time for posts, pages, and other custom stuff. Along with that, you can also perform the layout settings by configuring the comments, thumbnails, and post-info sections for pages.

4. SEO Settings: 

By using this theme, you can also manage the SEO settings and rank higher in search results. The best thing is this theme is compatible with so many other tools, including the Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and All-In-One SEO Pack.

5. Integration Tab: 

This is also compatible with third-party stuff like Google Analytics code or any other tracking code. In this way, it can easily track the behavior of users, sales, conversions, and more.

6. Updates:

The updating process is so easy with this. Add your Elegant Themes API key so you can easily update your theme whenever a new version is available.

The Bottom Line

So, have you covered the overall contents of the Elegant theme review that is described by us? If yes, now you can clearly have an idea about how this theme works and why it is becoming popular. It is affordable and easy to use, with easy customization options. It holds endless options. Whether you are a blogger or an experienced developer, Elegant Themes will definitely help you every time.

 This Elegant theme review is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website. By using this, you can improve the reachability of the site and makes it user-friendly. Now you can attract more traffic and boost your business by implementing this theme. To get more ideas about this tool, you can visit the official website and check other information. 

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