GeneratePress review – Best WordPress theme 

GeneratePress review – Best WordPress theme 

When it comes to WordPress themes, you may use thousands of themes, but have you ever tried the generate press? When it comes to building a site, you always need the best fastest WordPress theme that gives you full control. There are so many themes that you can install on your site to fulfill your goals. So, Generate press is one of the best WordPress themes have you have ever been found.

This is a lightweight WordPress site that doesn’t need a bunch of code. Nobody has time to write the bulky codes, and not everyone is tech-friendly so, GeneratePress is a good choice for everyone. GeneratePress is a free best fastest WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne. He is a talented developer from Canada.

 If you want to know more about lightweight fastest WordPress theme, you should read this article till the end. The theme currently has over 2.8 million downloads, along with the 300,000+ active installs. When you see the official site there, you can watch people over 1,000 give 5-star ratings. I installed the free version of the theme, and after experiencing the amazing features, I also bought the premium version. Let’s check some of the features provided by GeneratePress best review ever. 

Features of GeneratePress:

1. Super lightweight: 

The best feature about this theme is it is lightweight and doesn’t take so much space. It is not dependent on jQuery. It features a modular design that allows you to enable/disable things you don’t want to run. 

2. Responsive look: 

It is fully responsive and looks great across all devices. This theme is Built on the powerful Flexbox Grid. This has a built-in Schema built-in for SERPs.

3. Impressive integration:

It can be integrated into the WordPress site impressively. You can customize this easy to make changes to your site. This is compatible with the other plugins too. This is compatible with SEO, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, and WPML. It also supports different kinds of browsers. 

4. Work with page builders:

It also works with different page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. Along with that, it is 100% accessible. 

5. Addition of Elements:

It also allows you to the addition of elements that improve the look of your home. You can add anywhere on your site. There are so many filters and hooks that are beneficial for developers.

6. Great support:

The team is also helping the developer and standout team. There you get three updates per month along with that forum’s question. The documentation on their site is excellent, and you can get instant support from them.

7. Pricing of GeneratePress:

GeneratePress is completely free best fastest WordPress theme. Don’t you amazed by this? Yes, it’s true, but if you want the premium module, you have to pay a certain amount. For $59, you get all 14 modules and can use them on up to 500 sites. In the premium module, you will receive so many things starting from one year of support to updates. It’s definitely worth the money.

A lot of people over the last year shifted from lightweight fastest WordPress theme free plans to paid plans just because of the performance ad support it provides to its customers.

If you want to save even more money for the long term, you can get their lifetime deal for $249. This includes lifetime updates and support and can be used on up to 500 sites. You can also upgrade from the yearly plan to the lifetime plan. 

What will a person receive in the premium modules? 

  1. Colors: With this feature, you can Easily color any element and customize it according to that.
  2. Typography: Choose font sizes, font families, font weights, and more. To save time, you can also use system fonts, so you don’t have to load any font files!
  3. WooCommerce: With the premium modules, you can Take control of your WooCommerce store. By adding new typography, color & layout options, you can make it unique and attractive.
  4. Elements: When you purchase the premium moduleyou will also receive the features like an advanced hook system, Dynamic page, and custom theme layouts. This feature allows you to add your own custom content.
  5. Sections: By using thisyou can easily create seamless sections inside your pages and build unique layouts.
  6. Menu Plus: By investing your money in the premium module, you can add a sticky menu, menu logo, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and a slide-out menu.
  7. Blog: By using this theme premium module, you can Display your posts in columns or masonry. It allows you to change the alignment, post image size, and plus much more.
  8. Backgrounds: It also allows you to Upload background images in various areas throughout your site.
  9. Spacing: It allows for Control element spacing, including the header, content, widgets, menu items, and sidebar width.
  10. Secondary Nav: It also allows the addition of a second navigation element along with the primary navigation.
  11. Copyright: It gives the users access to Add own custom copyright message at the bottom of your website.
  12. Disable Elements: Disable specific elements on certain pages and posts. By using this feature, you can disable the elements from the header, content title, navigation, and footer. 
  13. Import Export: Gives complete access for Easily exporting and importing your settings from the Customizer!

Is This Theme Worth The Money? 

GeneratePress is one of the most popular lightweight fastest WordPress themes out there among all the other different WordPress themes. People are giving this a 5-star rating along with the 200,000+ active installs. In this article, we’re going to dig deep to give the secret sauce of WordPress themes.

Here we are helping you to ultimately decide whether GeneratePress premium is worth the money or not. There are so many people who have this same question in their minds. As users of this theme ourselves, we give you an honest and truthful GeneratePress review so you can make an informed decision yourself.

What do you know about GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is one of the most popular and highest-rated WordPress themes in the market today. The most impressive thing which I love about this theme is It is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create any kind of website. This is one of the most stable, fast, and best-supported WordPress themes available on the internet. This WordPress GeneratePress free vs premium, theme lets you customize a site by using the native WordPress customizer and interface. Everyone should know how to use the WordPress theme by reading this GeneratePress best review ever. 

Generate press is one of the most convenient page-building themes that can go well with the page builders to build your site. However, it’s fully compatible with the majority of popular page builders. Most of the expert developers use this with Beaver Builder and Elementor. This theme comes in two formats that are GeneratePress free vs premium, The premium version comes with several additional modules. To use the premium modules, you will need to purchase a license known as “GP Premium,” which needs to be installed for an amazing experience.

It is easy to install GeneratePress because it is quite plain. But if you still want to give it a try, you can try it on the demo site. It has the traditional look like a blog site where the simple things include header, menu, sidebar, and footer. The best part about this theme is you can give it a customized look different from its base appearance. The only con of using GeneratePress over page builders is that it takes a bit longer to build beautiful pages due to the lack of drag and drop.

By using this theme, you can speed up the building sites. With the module activated, you can select and import pre-built templates. Moreover, GeneratePress is a free, lightweight WordPress theme that has a companion premium plugin called “GP Premium.” It holds a wide selection of additional customization options and feature add-ons that you can utilize to build a beautiful and professional-looking website.

A brief review on the Generate press theme:

1. Performance: 

I am in love to try every new theme on my WordPress site. Almost every one of you wanted to try the themes and check the page loading speed and how fast the base is. In addition, The base install of the GeneratePress WordPress theme scored 100/100 with Google’s Lighthouse performance tool. The best thing about the generate press I found is it is compatible with the mobile device too. One thing you never have to worry about with GeneratePress is performance. It gives the best performance as compared to other themes. It was built with a modular design, and that’s why most site owners used this. The default GeneratePress theme has only two files with an overall size of 7.1 KB.

The recent file release of GeneratePress 3.0 is in 2020; It’s a theme that gets faster with age. There is also a feature that automatically generates dynamic CSS without the jQuery dependency. The modular design of generating press is fantastic. Another best thing about this perk is You can activate/deactivate anything you aren’t using. In this way, you don’t load scripts on your site. The theme has the following modules on this site:

  • Blog
  • Colors
  • Copyright
  • Elements
  • Menu Plus
  • Spacing
  • Typography

2. Customizer options: 

The best perk about GeneratePress is that it takes full advantage of the WordPress Customizer. Every premium module is loaded with advanced more options that appear in the Customizer.   Under site identity, you’ll find things like your site title, tagline, and the place to upload your logo. Moreover, All you need to install is the free Safe SVG plugin.

By default, WordPress won’t let you upload the SVG media type for security reasons. But you don’t need to worry because this plugin is incredibly lightweight. Here you get many Customizer layout options. You can easily change the page’s spacing, container width, padding, etc., on every element. Here any individual can quickly change their site’s overall look with just a few clicks.

3. GeneratePress layout options

There are numerous amount of options to customize how your blog looks. With this, you can switch your blog archive and also Choose where you want your featured images to show up or if you want one at all. Or use smaller featured images and the text to the right of the image. In addition, You can totally customize the look as per your preferences. Here are just a few of the many color options you can change on the body, primary navigation, header, off-canvas panel, content, buttons, forms, sidebar widgets, and footer.

4. Typography

Here are just a few of the many typography options you can change on the header, body, primary navigation, off-canvas panel, buttons, headings, widgets, and footer. I use system fonts on my websites, and it looks amazing. GeneratePress uses system fonts right out of the box. But you can also choose any Google Font if you want something with a little more flare.

There you also find a general section. Under General, you can change how CSS and the structure of your site works. For Dynamic CSS, you can have it print inline or in an external file too. For structure, you can choose between Flexbox and Floats.

Flexbox is a new method introduced in GeneratePress 3.0. It’s better than Floats. For customizing the Icon Type, you can choose between SVGs and fonts. Always go with SVGs for performance. And make sure you enable the “Cache dynamic CSS” option if it isn’t already on.

5. Elements: 

One of the other best features of GeneratePress is that It no longer has a child theme. This makes my life our life so much easier. You can update my GeneratePress theme this very minute and not lose single customization. The Elements module helps make this possible. It allows you to add custom code/PHP and hooks anywhere throughout your WordPress site.

Currently, there are four different element types that are named as Block, Header, Hook, and Layout. Here you can also get settings to option for different page options. In addition, You can change the sidebar layout and the footer widgets. Anyone can easily swap a page between the default to a full-width page.

6. GenerateBlocks:

Recently this theme has released GenerateBlocks which is a collection of lightweight WordPress blocks. With this, you can upgrade your eCommerce site as well as the normal sites. It is most responsive because, with this, you can grid widths on desktop and mobile, along with equal-height columns. The awesome thing about GeneratePress in terms of performance is that it doesn’t include FontAwesome out of the box. GeneratePress includes its own basic SVG icons. This is amazing! You don’t need to know how to code to use GeneratePress, which is great.

7. Code snippets: 

The code snippets allow you to add custom PHP that you want to run across your entire site. GeneratePress lets you customize your typography as much as you need, changing the font and styles of almost all elements of your site. You can change the typography settings of your header, body, widget, sidebar, menu, and most other elements. Moreover, You can select what font family to use, change the font weight, apply text transformations, customize font size, etc.

8. Layout Control

There are three ways to control the layout in GeneratePress. One is via the Customizer, the second is through individual posts or pages, and the third is through the use of “Layout Elements.” It has so many features. You can control the layout of almost all elements of your site, similar to the colors and typography controls.

Here, moreover, You can control how many sidebars should appear, the width and layout of the menus, change the width, height, and padding of an element, etc. The layout page editor option also allows you to configure specific post or page layouts.

You can change the sidebar layout, footer widgets, and the page builder content container type. It also allows you to disable certain elements like the top bar, header, navigation, title, footer, etc. The responsive control is not extensive but is more than enough to allow you to customize how your site is displayed based on the user’s device.

9. Advanced Responsive Controls:

If you want to have more control over your site’s responsive layout, you can employ advanced tricks and tweaks. The advanced responsive controls offer so many options like




 However, This theme is the built-in schema support. These are helpful for the search engine result pages (SERP). Adding schema markup to your website improves SEO. 

What do you receive in Premium Modules?

When you purchase the new version of GeneratePress free vs premium, you will get the following premium modules:

1. Support

When it comes to supporting, they provide the best one. From free to premium users, everyone gets the same quality of help and support. When you click the link to the support forum, you can view responses from the staff. They are very helpful to their users and go the extra mile to help them. Even the support team for the free version is also active. You can easily find answers to your questions and problems from the support forum.

2. Pricing

Another great thing about GeneratePress is its pricing. The theme itself is free, but to unlock the premium modules, you’ll have to buy a license for the companion plugin called “GP Premium.” Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can enjoy all premium modules, and you can get access to the Site Library, which has amazing features and speed up your site.

The license for GP Premium costs $49.95 per year and can be used on unlimited websites. With this, You’ll get access to their priority support forums and free updates too. The other best thing is when you renew your license; you get a whopping 40% discount. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for that customer who wants to get their money back if they don’t want to use the premium version.

3. GeneratePress Pros

Theme Truly Built For Performance

Developers Love The Hooks & Filters

People Love Their Support

Extensive Documentation

4. GeneratePress Cons

Skip The Free Version, It’s Very Limited

Opinionated On What a Theme Should Do

Not As Many 3rd Party Integrations Or Options

Some Parts Feel outDated;

It’s a 6-Year-Old Theme

GeneratePress Review Summary

GeneratePress is the strongest theme of WordPress that focuses on excellent performance and small, clean code. The size of the GeneratePres is less than 30 kB, which is the smallest WordPress theme you’ll find. This is the best theme with fast loading system.





    Ease of use






    Value for money



From free, Premium starts at $49.95

  Free Trial

No, but the core theme is free


 Ease of use – getting up and running is very simple.

 Performance – The theme performs excellently even with all modules active

 Quality site templates – Even the free templates are well designed.

  Price – The core theme is free, and premium themes are well priced.

 Customization – Extensive customization options for anything and everything you need.


Sole developers without the backing of a large company have a small inherent risk.

Lack of drag and drop support with page builders


The performance, feature set, support, and pricing of GeneratePress are really good. GeneratePress is a solid choice for you to build your website. In addition, This is one of the best themes of WordPress that you can get With modest pricing of $49.95, a 40% renewal discount, and unlimited website usage. However, The only downside of GeneratePress is its free version.

 If we Compared to other popular high-rated free themes, GeneratePress’s free version has fewer features. If you want to enjoy the best thing, You need to purchase the premium version and achieve its benefits. So if you don’t want to dig a hole in your pocket, GeneratePress is probably not for you according to this GeneratePress best review ever. It is worth buying. So if you’ve already got your eyes on it, there’s no better time than right now to get the premium version and start using it for your WordPress sites.

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