A complete review on WP Rocket Review 

 A complete review on WP Rocket Review 

WP Rocket is one of the premium plugins of WordPress, which is recognized and used by most WordPress experts. This is one of the best powerful caching tools that gives a wide range of options and automatic optimization features. No matter whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, you can use this easily with just a few clicks. To launch this WP ROCKET plugin review, you don’t need to complete any certification course.

This plugin is used to ensure that the website is loading faster than the blazing speed. When you have a website, you need to consider so many things. It is essential to improve your SEO rankings as well as the conversion rate to run your business. For this, the very first thing you should have is a super-fast website. By launching this plugin, you can allow your site to load at rocket speed. To learn more about this WP ROCKET plugin review, read this article till the end.

What more should you know about caching plugins?

If you want to speed up the WordPress site, you need to install a caching plugin. Caching plugin is something that helps to improve the loading time. Even a few seconds of buffering and trimming can make a negative impact on the conversion rate and the rankings. To be ranked in the number one position, you need to install the best caching plugin on your WordPress site.

When it comes to launching caching plugin, the WP Rocket plugin is one that comes to your mind. It’s a plugin that delivers great results with a few efforts. But is this the right caching plugin for your site? To know the answer, let’s move to the next section. Before moving to its feature and functionalities, let’s try to understand what is WordPress caching?

In this article, we are going to talk about everything from installing the plugin to running the website and examining the loading speed. We also performed a few test sites to give you practical results that we will share in the further sections. 

What Is WordPress Caching?

Are you familiar with this concept of WordPress caching? Each time when a visitor visits your website, lots of data is there that he/she wants to communicate with the server. When a user requests a webpage, the WordPress software and the database dynamically generate together to give the results.

So, at this time, if you are using a low-budget hosting plan, it going to slow down. To speed things up, you need WordPress caching. Caching is referred to and considered as the creator of the static version of your site.

So, when a visitor visits your page, the static content will be displayed to him rather than dynamic. In this way, you can give a faster experience to your visitors. Apart from all these things, there is no difference between dynamic content and static content. So, if you want to make any changes to your website, the caching plugins can automatically make changes to the static content too. 

How to enable caching on a WordPress website?

When it comes to enabling caching on the WordPress site, then you need to think about the two main factors. One is choosing a web hosting platform that offers this feature or installing a caching plugin. Depending on your choice of web host, you may be able to use your choice of caching plugin to get maximum site speed.

So, Is WP Rocket worth choosing?

WP Rocket is a kind of plugin that enables caching on WordPress websites with the goal of improving their loading times. Besides that, it has some more features which we are going to discuss in the further sections. Well, there are so many free plugins available for the WordPress site, but this one is a paid plugin. The price starts at $49, and after reading this whole article, you will clearly understand how it is worth investing in this!

Before we are going to explore the feature of this plugin, let’s check whether it speeds up the loading time of the site or not. For this, here, we did research with three sites. After installing this plugin on three sites, all of them saw increases in speed, ranging from 480 milliseconds to 1.18 seconds. Well, there are some more WordPress plugins that improve the loading speed, and those are W3 total cache and WP super cache. When we compare the WP Rocket with the other two plugins, WP rocket gives the best results. So, overall this premium caching plugin is the best investment.

Best Features of WP Rocket- Overview

When it comes to choosing the right plugin for the WordPress website, the best deciding factors are whether you probably want this or not? It also depends upon the loading time and so many more factors. Here are a few factors that you should consider before implementing any WP ROCKET plugin review to your site. Here we define a few features of the WP rocket.


WP Rocket has been built to make the revolution in the digital field. Everyone can start speeding up their WordPress website by using the abilities of the WP Rocket. WP Rocket also aims to reach so many people by providing them with enough options and settings. Now people can enable caching on their website in exactly the way they want. It is one of the best plugins that has a user-friendly dashboard.

When you activate this plugin on your site, it will start caching your site and improve loading times. It makes people able to start optimizing their site with WP Rocket. The best thing about the dashboard is it is easy to navigate and interact with. When you start this with the default mode, there you find so many videos that teach you how to use these features and how it all works. The video gives a clear explanation of how to configure the WP ROCKET plugin review for your site.


There are so many people who use CDN or content delivery networks on their sites to distribute website files around the world. This is another proven method to speed up your site. But if you are using the along with the WP Rocket, then you can multiply the speed into 2X speed. WP Rocket is compatible with CDN and helps to elevate the speed.


A large media file can minimize the speed of your site. But when you install this WP Rocket plugin on your site, you can deal with this potential problem. This plugin has an optional LazyLoading feature that helps by delaying the loading and display of images and videos until the user has scrolled down to their position. The team has also developed a new feature Imagify that optimizes an image to reduce file sizes and improve loading times.


As time goes the WordPress database will be growing. It can potentially slow down your website. WP Rocket has some database optimization features that automatically clear out old post revisions, drafts, and trashed posts, as well as comments that have been deleted or marked as spam. It optimizes the database as per the schedule. You can set the schedule automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There are so many other tools, but WP Rocket is more convenient and more efficient than installing an additional plugin.


WP Rocket helps to reduce the size of image files. By using this technique, you can decrease the other media size files. Along with that, it decreases the size of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. It has an optional minification feature that removes unnecessary comments and extra characters from code in the files. It also consumes less bandwidth and also faster the loading speed. 


Now, more and more users are accessing the sites with their mobile devices. You can also on the option of caching for mobile devices and also creating separate cache files for mobile devices to speed up loading times for smartphone and tablet users.


If you have a woo-commerce site still this plugin can be the best fit for you. This plugin mostly helps in the view cart and checkout pages of your site from the cache. This plugin will ensure your customers shouldn’t experience any problems while accessing the website.

WP Rocket pricing structure:

WP Rocket is one of the premium WordPress caching plugins, and there are three purchasing options:

Single: $49 for one year of support and updates covering use on one website.

Plus: $99 for one year of support and updates covering use on three websites.

Infinite: $249 for one year of support and updates covering use on an unlimited number of websites.

The best thing about the plugin is it can automatically renew your license after one year. You will automatically get a 30 percent discount. However, you can easily disable the auto-renewal by customizing the setting section. It offers a 14-day 100 percent money-back refund policy in place. So go for it without any financial risk.

Final Thoughts

If you also want to improve the speed of your WordPress site, you can definitely do this by installing this WP ROCKET plugin review. There are some free options too that you can try to get. Investing in this is definitely worth an option. You can access this without having any technical knowledge. Activate WP Rocket on your site, and you will see the changes in improved loading times. Visit the official website and purchase an option affordable to your budget and requirement.

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